Variolift i-swim 2

The height-adjustable Variolift, is an ideal and comfortable aid that provides disabled persons with independent access to the pool. The movable Variolift can easily be moved to the edge of the swimming pool so the patient can easilty be lowered into the pool.

Incorporating aluminium amd Stainless Steel design, the Variolift is considerably lighter and easier to manouvre than any other mobile swimming pool hoist systems.

To compliment the lightweight stylish design, i-Swim 2 incorporates four wheels (two with brakes) and a patented Auto-Tip stabilizing system. Power is supplied by 2 x 18 amp rechargeable batteries that can complete approximately 40 lift cycles. The i-Swim cab be effortlessly manouvred around the majority of swimming pools in leisure centres, health clubs and spas, ensuring that swimming is accessible to all.