Vertigo surface living

Together with Varioplay, take a step into the magical world of Vertigo Systems GMBH. With the interactive projection of Vertigo you literally bring the swimming pool or any other space in the swimming pool complex to life. The projection of fish, sea animals or other animations react to the movements of passers-by without having to touch the screen or floor / wall.

Vertigo projection will amaze your audience!

The projection offers many possibilities with the enormous collection of 3D animated goldfish, dolphins, jellyfish and much more. The theme of the underwater world naturally fits well with the pool. There is also an option to choose the behavior of the fish, the shape of the projection and the background image. This way you can complete and personalize the projection to your own wishes.

A living wall naturally yields a lot of attention from passersby and from the pool audience. It is even possible to project games. In this way children can become acquainted with the touch of water in a playful way at a young age.

Exactly how the system works and what all the possibilities are, we like to show on location, so that you get a good idea of ​​this. Of course you can contact us for all types of projections we have or for a quote.

Also check out the Vertigo website for a number of projects that they have done.