Omega Calypso

OMEGA Calypso shot bells

The OMEGA Calypso clocks are driven by an external power supply, equipped with a powerful horn. Connected to a controller as the main timing device, the shot clock follows the start / stop commands of the referee. As soon as the 30-second shot clock has reached the zero point, an acoustic signal is emitted by the module.

The angular, wide-based design makes the display extremely stable and with a height of 24 cm from the LED digits, it ensures excellent visibility for players and spectators.

Range of water polo shot clocks consist of:

  • OMEGA Calypso set of 2 bulkhead clocks or a set of 4 bulkhead clocks
  • MONTREAL shot bells with game clock
  • COYOTE handset
  • Cable BA2pM – BA2pF (0.5mm²) – 50m on a reel