Swiss Timing time registration equipment

When it comes to time registration at official sports competitions, only the best is good enough. And in this case the best is the Swiss company Swiss Timing, which specializes in timekeeping equipment, data analysis and result displays for all types of sports. Together with OMEGA they have been partners of the Olympic Games since 1932, where they are responsible for the timekeeping of both summer and winter sports.

Time registration by Swiss Timing and Varioplay

Varioplay is the exclusive distributor of Swiss Timing in the Netherlands and Belgium. Everything you need for accurate and qualitative timekeeping can be found with us. Whether it’s a cycling track, basketball court or swimming pool, Varioplay is the perfect solution for taking care of your time for your organization. In the overview below we discuss the equipment for timekeeping at official competitions in your swimming pool.

The Quantum Primary registers all time observations of, for example, touchpads or starting blocks with RBD. All data is collected in this system to be transferred via a USB connection to the computer, on which this data is then processed. With the Omega Touchpads you can easily and unquestionably determine who the winner is at official swimming competitions. The touchpads are attached to the basin wall in every lane and register every touch. As soon as a swimmer touches the touchpad, it is registered and forwarded to the timekeeping system. The touchpads are available individually or in set and in the following formats: 240×90 FINA, 227×90, 190×90, 200×60 and 150×60.

StartTime V and Omega mobile cabling units

The Swiss Timing start system is called StartTime and consists of an acoustic starter and a sound box. As soon as the button is pressed, a sound is heard and a flash is visible. At the same time, the start signal is delivered to the timekeeping system. A set of mobile cabling units to connect with contacts for starting block, touch pad and push buttons. The cabling units are available in a set of 6, 8 and 10 lanes.

Depending on the installation, it is possible to opt for internal or mobile loudspeakers. The internal speakers can be placed in the starting block. The loudspeakers are also available in different sets with a 3 or 6 meter cable.

Backstroke support OBL2 Pro. The Swiss Timing backstroke support is also called the OBL2 Pro. This device is used at the highest level for competitions, is adjustable in 5 positions with a safety lock and is fully compliant with the FINA requirements. The support is suitable for OBS 11, OSB 12, and OSB 14 starting blocks. Of course, the starting blocks with RBD (Relay Break Detection) to measure the reaction speed can not be missing from the timekeeping equipment.