Area H20

A new development in movable floor design. The Variopool movable floors have proven their worth over the years. The floors produce greater returns for the swimming pools because several target groups can use the pool at the same time. In the meantime, our engineers keep on developing and respond to the demands of our clients and the swimming pool industry. We are now proud to announce that we have added an interactive movable floor to our product range! An innovation needs a sounding new name: Area H2O.

With the addition of this interactive game element, not only can the water be transformed for recreational use, but it is also the introduction of gaming into swimming pools and thus an innovation that both older people and children will find intuitive.

Interactive pool floor for public pools

Your pool becomes an interactive playground for young and old. This can vary from games in the water to fountains that spray upwards in response to the actions from the various games available. The visitor can, for example, react interactively to the various projected subjects and become part of the game. The pool floor is raised to a higher position, about 10 cm below the water surface, after which the projection can begin. Above the pool, a very powerful projector is placed, which is equipped with 3D tracking cameras. The projector itself is placed in a special cooled housing.

The projector is controlled from a computer on the platform. A special programme is installed on the computer that can track the users. The game will respond to this interactively and the image of the game will be projected onto the moveable floor. Under the movable floor, pipes are installed for the water supply and for operating the fountains and lights. At the moment that a movement is detected by the camera sensor, or when the game gives a pulse, the fountain(s) will start spraying. This is done according to the programme of the game installed on the computer.

AreaH20 projector

Interactive games react to movements in the pool water

Entertainment and exploration are central to this innovation. Users are surprised, entertained, challenged and encouraged to take steps. This is done through a diversity of games that appeal to users of different age categories. One game has a quiet character, where the users can participate in the game in an investigative manner and another game has a more sporty character, where the user will participate more actively. In addition, the users are encouraged to participate in the games together. After all, a game is more fun in a group. The games that are currently available bear the sounding names Deep sea, Discoballs, Pong around and Tubes. Because pictures say more than a thousand words, we have also built a special website for our new product. Here you can see in words and pictures what we mean when we talk about the next level in water entertainment.

Operating Area H2O is very simple

The person in charge of the pool can activate one of the games via the touch screen of the Variopool movable floor. The touch screen will display that the pool floor needs to be adjusted to the correct depth in case the movable floor is not at the correct depth yet. When all systems are ready, the chosen game will be started. The projector and the tracking cameras are turned on, and the system starts up. A few seconds later, the game is started, and the game is projected onto the movable floor. As we say ourselves, ‘the next level in water entertainment’.

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