vertigo Vertigo surface living

Animated projection for your pool Together with Varioplay, take a step into the magical world of Vertigo Systems GMBH. With…

water slide Water slide

The water slide, creating a playful slide experience Water slides are always a very popular attraction for children and adults…

Swimtag Swimtag activity tracker

Swimtag activity tracker time registration SWIMTAG is a software system that tracks all your swimming sessions. With a subscription at…

ledschermen LED Screens

Generate additional income with the help of LED screens Sports centers welcome millions of athletes and sports enthusiasts every week.…

Empex watertoys Watertoys fun

Fun in your swimming pool with our toys and spray parks Varioplay is the exclusive supplier of Empex Watertoys in…

water play table Water play table

Challenging and child-friendly The water play table is placed in a basin with a water level of 30 to 40…

Time registration
An important part of official matches is time registration. We offer various possibilities in this together with Swiss Timing.
Water slides
The waterslides comes in a variety of diameters, lengths and heights. All components are produced according to the highest quality standards.
Water toys
The water toys is fun for children. Playing on a dry underground with those Spray Parks.
Waterpolo supplies
Goals for swimming activities such as water polo in different sizes and both hanging and floating.