Water slides

If anything is an attraction in a swimming pool, it’s water slides. Any pool with an attractive water slide is sure to see happy faces. Varioplay offers different types of slides, which we will introduce to you on this page. Foremost we would like to mention the family slide. The family slide is an extra wide waterslide where several persons can slide down at the same time. Also, next to each other. This is pure entertainment for young and old. The slides are made of plastic and polyester and are UV-coated against discolouration. The slides are available in various RAL colours, lengths and heights.

The Twistersnake water slide with curve can be used daily by children and provides a lot of fun every day. This slide is available in various RAL colours, is protected at the sides to prevent dangerous situations and has an anti-slip finish for safety. The name of the slide says it all; the slide has a playful curve that adds to the experience. In principle all our waterslides can be mounted on any type of pool, such as the competition pool or a target group pool, if there is enough space so that one can safely slide into the pool.

water slides

Then there is the regular waterslide. The waterslide is an open water tube of which the top half is open. Combinations are also possible and there is an open part and a closed part in this waterslide for a playful effect. By adding light and sound, it is fun for children of all ages and becomes the attraction of your pool. All components of the waterslide are installed according to the highest quality standards.

Besides the waterslide, there is also the Watertube slide. Watertubes or whirlpools are always very popular with children, and with adults, in large water parks and swimming pool complexes. The enclosed tube through which the slide is made, many metres long, often runs along the outside of the building and ends inside the swimming pool complex in a slip tray with water. Of course, the safety of the users must be taken into account. In the slip tray, people are slowed down by the water in it. The tube is available in many colours and can be supplied in various lengths and types. It is also possible to choose a slide tube that is half open and half closed, for an extra fun effect!

Water slides with light and sound effects

By combining the slides with light- and sound effects, they are attractive for all thinkable target groups. All components for such a slide are produced according to the highest quality requirements. Varioplay is the supplier and expert in the field of pool equipment, pool play elements and water slides. Varioplay is part of the Variogroup, which allows us to offer a complete package. This includes mobile stands, shower posts, Spray Parks, interactive play elements, water slides and competition starting blocks.

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Water snake slide