Swimming pool De Molenkoog, Texel, the Netherlands

Opgeleverd 2015
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A brand new Varioplay slide has been installed in the outdoor pool de Molenkoog in Den Burg on Texel. The three-coloured rainbow slide is a good addition to the pool. Children can now play outside at the pool on warm summer days. All Varioplay products are made of plastic and polyester and are UV-coated. The slides are available in various RAL colours, and one can also choose multiple colours, as swimming pool de Molenkoog has done. The waterslides are available in various diameters, lengths and heights and can be adjusted to the surroundings of the pool.

Besides the waterslide that has been supplied by Varioplay, a pool cover from Variodeck has been installed and Myrtha tubs have been installed. For more information, see our company websites.