Swimming pool lift

A pool lift is indispensable in any modern swimming pool. After all, you want every guest to be able to enter the water easily and safely. The Variolift i-Swim 1 is a state-of-the-art lift that enables you to take people into the water in a proper and dignified manner, without any effort. The i-Swim 1 is driven on the stainless steel plate with ledge to protect the pool edge and ensure that the lift is positioned correctly. The lift is controlled with the control panel on the handle. And is equipped with a 2x12V battery, the charger is supplied separately.

  • Can be wheeled with a disabled person from dressing room to pool
  • The disabled can be launched at many places
  • Lifting weight max. 136 kg
  • Dimensions 120 x 50 x 165 cm

Swimming Pool lift Variolift i-Swim 1,2 & 3

In addition to the Varioloft i-swim 1 there are also two other models. The height-adjustable Variolift i-swim 2 is an ideal and comfortable aid that offers disabled persons independent access to the pool. The movable lift can be easily moved to the edge of the pool so that the patient can be lowered into the pool.

Made of aluminium and stainless steel, the Variolift is significantly lighter and easier to manoeuvre than other mobile pool hoists. To complement its lightweight, stylish design, i-Swim 2 includes four wheels (two with brakes) and a patented Auto-Tip stabilisation system. Power is provided by 2 x 18 amp rechargeable batteries that can complete approximately 40 lift cycles. The i-Swimlift can be manoeuvred effortlessly around most swimming pools in leisure centres, health centres and spas, making swimming accessible to all.

The innovative i-swim3 pool lift is adaptable to your needs. The unique movable arm system offers multiple configurations and great flexibility. I-swim3 is the smart solution for a wide range of pool decks, wellness and rehabilitation centres. The i-swim 3 is available in 2 different sizes: STANDARD with 180 kg lifting capacity, or MAXI with extended arms and 250 kg lifting capacity. The lift can be equipped with a fixed seat, a movable seat or also with a stretcher.

Pool lift

Handi-move 3022 swimming lift

Handi-Move’s mobile swimming pool lift can be used perfectly in swimming pools. People with a mobile disability can easily be lifted into the pool by an attendant. The lift is easily removed, and a cover fits in the opening of the base. The Handi-Move’s mobile lift is compact, ergonomic and easy to move thanks to its 4 wheels. Its operation is simple: at the press of a button, the spindle sinks into the floor pan at the edge of the pool. After use, it lifts itself out again and can be wheeled away. The mobile pool lift is made of stainless steel and works on batteries, so it is perfectly safe in the vicinity of water.

The pool lift is light, has a swivel range of 360° and is easily movable. By installing additional pedestals, it can be used in different places. With Handi-Move’s pool lift it is a small step from wheelchair to pool. The lifting system brings the user into the water in one smooth movement without any physical effort. One attendant is sufficient.

* Electric 2 x 12V battery * Lifting weight max. 135 kg * Dimensions 60 x 70 x 166 cm * Charger built-in

An alternative to this lift is the PoolPod. Read all about it on the special page. Watch our other products and solutions via the Variopool website.