Swimming pool lining

A professional swimming pool cannot do without pool lining. Whether this is for regular swimmers, swimming competitions or just to mark off a part of the pool, the quality of the lining must be high. On this page, we at Varioplay would like to give you all the options. For official KNZB competitions in your pool, the Max Pro competition lines are indispensable. With these lines, approved by FINA and LEN, the lanes are easily separated from each other, in the official manner. And quality that lasts, even with regular use.

Swimmers have little trouble with the adjacent lanes, because these high quality MaxPro lines ensure perfect wave breaking. The lines are available in every standard colour combination (red, white, green, yellow and blue) for 25 and 50 metres for 4 and 6 inches. A tensioning system with key is used to set the correct tension on the line. You can store the racing lines with the aid of a line trolley or by means of peripheral grommets in a collection container.

Pool lining is indispensable for every swimming pool

With a pool lining line the pool can easily be divided into clear lanes, so that swimmers can train in a competition atmosphere. The line can also be used to create a partition for another activity. The line consists of a nylon cord with thick-walled hostile floats of about 6 centimetres and is available in various colours. You can also store the basin partition lines under the platform by means of a platform grommet and a collection container. At Varioplay we have a wide range of products for the pool lining in your complex.

Training lines of 25 and 50 metres

With the training lines, the pool can easily be divided into clear lanes, so that the swimmers can train in a competition atmosphere. The lines can also be used to create a partition. The lines are available in 25 and 50 or per metre and consist of nylon cord with thick-walled hostile floats of about 6 centimetres. Per metre, the training line has 4 floats and 4 spacers, which are available in various colours. You can store the lines with the aid of a line trolley or by means of platform feeders in a collection container.

Swimming pool lining rack
line guide

The line trolleys are ideal for storing training and competition lines and consist of a stainless steel frame with trespa wheel and handles. The trolley is suitable for 2 lines of 25 m or 1 line of 50 m, easy to move and very light to handle. The wheels have a stopper to keep the trolley in place and prevent it from rolling. We also have other options for storing your pool lines. Ask about the other possibilities.

Line guides for convenient storage of your drift lines

To put the racing lines in the pool and take them out again is easy, and you can use the line guide. The guide is made of stainless steel and weighs around 5 kg, making it easy to move. Place the guide on the edge of the pool with the end directly on the transit point, so that the removal of the lines can be done quickly. Always made to measure based on the distance from the water’s edge to the pool edge grommet, it offers protection to both the pool edge and the racing line itself. Varioplay supplies various stainless steel applications in the field of swimming pool equipment, such as stairs, baffle plates, false start installation and much more.

The platform grommet is used to store your racing line in the basement under the floor in a suitable container. A nice solution for storing your line, little space and out of sight for the visitor. The grommets are available for 4 and 6 inch racing lines or training lines and have an internal diameter of 150 or 210 mm. With a watertight hinged lid that can be locked with a key, the top of the lid has an anti-slip finish for the pool visitors. In order to put the competition lines in and take them out of the pool in an easy way, you can use our line guide. See also our range of competition and training lines.

We supply plastic containers of various sizes that are suitable for the storage of, among other things, competition lines, basin divider lines, water polo lines and training lines. The containers are made of very solid plastic, are supplied in the colour grey and are maintenance free.

Containers for swimming pool lines

In every multifunctional swimming pool complex, the collection containers can be hung from the ceiling of the cellar. The containers are fitted with a drainage point so that the pool water can easily flow out. The sizes we supply are:

  • 120 x 80 x 60 cm
  • 80 x 60 x 105 cm
  • 120 x 120 x 87 cm
  • 154 x 120 x 120 cm

Special request? Please contact our Account Managers. They are glad to help you out!

False start line installation

The false start line installation ensures that it is clear if there is a false start. The swimmer who did not hear the false start signal swims over the lowered false start line which covers all lanes. He can tell by this that a false start has been made. The false start line is 15 metres away from the starting block. The installation consists of two stainless steel polished uprights with inner tube, stainless steel frog and cord guide. Solid plastic caps are fitted to the bottom of the uprights to prevent damage to the tiling. The unit is supplied complete with 1 false start line with small red floats. A false start line must hang at least 1200 mm above water level.

The length of the line depends on the width of the pool and the installation can be used at several locations where the floor pots are provided.

Backstroke turnaround installation

Thanks to the backstroke turnaround system, the swimmer can see how far he still has to go towards the finish. This is a particularly interesting system for backstroke swimming. The flags hanging above the water at 5 metres on both sides of the shore indicate to the backstroke swimmer that there is still 5 metres to go before either the turning point or the finish. The backstroke turnaround installation consists of four stainless steel polished poles with an inner tube, stainless steel frog and rope guide. The uprights must protrude at least 1800 mm above the floor. Solid plastic caps are fitted to the underside of the uprights to prevent damage to the tiling.

The unit is fully equipped with two Bisonyl flag lines. We carry a very wide range in everything related to pool equipment. For more information about our other products please visit the website of Variopool BV.