Water polo equipment

Varioplay supplies the complete range of water polo equipment. On this webpage we would like to give you a complete overview of the various products. Let’s start with a water polo safety net. This can be installed on each side of both 25 and 50-metre pools.  A water polo safety net installation is placed behind the goals and is intended to catch balls that are missed. The ball immediately returns to the water to be used again and protects the public. The installation comes standard with 4 stainless steel poles and a safety net and is mounted with floor anchors.

Water polo ball release

With the water polo ball release every water polo match starts correctly. It ensures that the ball lies exactly in the middle of the playing field. The starting system for a water polo match consists of:

– A floating ring to indicate the position of the ball
– A control line with fasteners

It is possible to attach the water polo ball release with suction cups or to line pots on the floor and wall. The installation is delivered complete with holder and control line.

Floating and hanging goals

Indispensable in water polo: water polo targets. Varioplay supplies two different floating goals: the SuperPolo and a standard version. A water polo field is not complete without these SuperPolo floating goals. Thanks to the extra wide side floats and the additional float at the back, this type of water polo goal is one of the most stable types currently available. That is why the SuperPolo goals are used at all European Championships, World Cups and Olympic Games. A goal has a width of 360 centimetres and is made of aluminium. The goal frame and floats are also made entirely of aluminium, with a white powder coating. The SuperPolo goals are delivered per pair, including nets, and fully comply with FINA and LEN regulations for water polo.

Water polo equipment

These standard water polo goals are stable in the water due to the wide side floats. One goal is made of aluminium. The water polo goals are delivered per 2 pieces, including nets, and meet the FINA and LEN regulations for water polo. In addition to these goals, we’re also supply hanging goals. The hanging water polo goals are made of stainless steel and can be easily mounted on the pool edge. A goal consists of two goal supports and goal frames with nets and elastic tensioning cords. The stainless steel back construction has an adjustment facility to stabilise the goals against the back wall.

Water polo goals hanging on the pool edge

This back construction can also be provided with a provision for the placement of poles for the retaining net installation. The goals are delivered as a set and meet the official FINA rules. Of course water polo cannot be played without goals to score with. Varioplay therefore supplies various goals, including floating goals or mini water polo goals.

These floating mini water polo goals have been developed together with the KNZB especially for young water polo players. For F-, E- and D-pupils these are the official goals for the Dutch competition. A set consists of 2 mini water polo goals of 120 cm wide including extension rods. By means of these extension rods the width of the goals can easily be adjusted from 120 to 200 centimetres. The water polo goals are 90 cm high and consist of thick-walled aluminium profiles with nets and foam floats. This is a set of 2 thick-walled aluminium goals, with a width of 120, 150 or 200 centimetres and a height of 90 centimetres. Nets and foam floats included.

Do you need more information about water polo equipment? Please feel free to contact us. We’ll be glad to help!