Sport in the box

Sport In The Box is a powerful sports production and play out system that allows the user to create engaging live content and output it to video boards, in-house TV systems and streaming. It can play stored images and videos, live video inputs, replays and graphics, both full screen scoreboards and overlays for TV. Varioplay has assisted at several major events with this system, including the Invictus Games in 2022, so we know what we’re talking about.

Sport in the box works in any resolution

With great flexibility, the Box can run at almost any size and resolution to adapt to custom video screens, making it the ideal solution for both smaller clubs and larger arenas. Sport In The Box can have multiple live video inputs with SDI, HDMI or NDI and the output windows can be placed in any size and position on the desktop to adapt to the LED screens being used, eliminating the need for a video scaler.

Sport in the box

Production and playback system for sports

  • Supports: Handball, Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Tennis, Floorball, Rugby, American Football
  • Connects to Saturn Console
  • Multiple databases for different sports in the same arena
  • Output windows in any size and position on the desktop eliminates the need for a scaler

Sport In The Box has a team interface where teams are managed and stored. Each team with name, logo and player line-up with names, numbers, pictures and positions can be entered. Together with the live data from a connected match manager, Sport In The Box can display scoreboards, player presentations, team line-up and penalties at the touch of a button.

Example videoboard with 3 screen controllers

The Box can have multiple screen controllers that simultaneously display different content. This can be used to control multiple screens, or used to divide one screen into separate sections. In the example, a football video board is divided into three sections, a section for live video in 16:9 format, a banner for advertising and finally a section with a custom scoreboard template. Together with combined output layouts, it is possible to make animated switches between different layouts, for example bringing the live video to full screen.

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Swim interface extension

Sport In The Box can create a direct serial interface to the Quantum timer to receive time data with swimmer names, clubs, etc. The generated graphics can then either be controlled manually through the interface in Sport In The Box or slaved to be run directly through the quantum interface. To extend the capabilities of Sport In The Box with graphics applications, it can also be networked with the data processing software. Current support includes Hytek, Splash and Wingrodan data processing software.

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Sport in the box