LED-screens for swimming pool

Sports centres welcome millions of sportsmen and sportswomen every week. And many sports centres have meanwhile become multifunctional meeting places and suitable locations for events. Such a complex also requires a new type of scoreboard; LED screens with integrated scoreboard function. The purchase of a scoreboard is often seen by sports centres as a costly investment and luxury product.

Indoor LED screens also generate additional revenue

But then the fact that a LED screen offers advertising space is ignored. Because the club can sell the advertising space on the screen several times, the investment is quickly recouped. In this way, the scoreboard system becomes a source of income. Ask us about the possibilities.

With an indoor LED screen you have the possibility to show images in high resolutions and at large sizes in large spaces such as a swimming pool. In any case, they are real eye-catchers. Indoor LED screens make it possible to show a complete image in high resolution on a large surface without the annoying seams of an LCD wall. In addition, you can also opt for LEDs with a very high light output, making your indoor LED screen perfectly legible behind a window, even from outside and in full sunlight.

We now have extensive experience with these screens and would be pleased to give you the right advice for use in a swimming pool. Contact us without obligation.