Swimtag activity tracker

SWIMTAG is a software system that tracks all your swimming sessions. With a subscription at Swimtag, you will receive a subscriber card that you have to hold near to the scanner in the swimming pool in your neighborhood. Next, you can pick a bracelet for your wrist and you can start swimming.

Swimtag activity tracker time registration

The wristband keeps track of your training progress and by simply clicking on your data in the app on your mobile phone you will see your own results, swim faster and longer next time after each swim session. This is, of course, very motivating to dive into the swimming pool some often and improve your own performance. All data can also be automatically posted on social media, or you can download it into an Excel document. It’s possible to choose a challenge like the English Channel or to swim around the Maldives. Don’t make it yourself simple but challenge yourself!

Who is the boss of your swimming pool? Who is the fastest and defeats every record of the other swimmers and his own PRs? Take a league competition here and make sure everyone is visiting your swimming pool to beat the best.

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